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The best thing about creativity is the process. Creative work is taking an idea and adding layers; built through conversations, testing, reworking, changing context, and adding insight, layers are crucial to a successful idea. This creative process offers you the opportunity to express and understand the world. Call us old fashioned, but we believe the journey is as important as a destination.


KLINE One was designed by architects for architects. No longer is there a need to paste together shreds of trace with an existing book. With vellum and quadrille rule pages both available, you can build an idea from diagram into measured drawings by just turning a page. If a client needs a rendering, sketch it out in the bond pages and produce a beautiful watercolor at the end. KLINE One is the perfect tool for those who build for a living.



Coaching is about strategy and modification. Remember that dry erase clipboard? With KLINE, you can actually remember those strategies and combine them with notes on the game. You can layer plays on top of each other and protect hundreds of game strategies in a hard cover, so that you can grow upon them for future strategic ideas. KLINE is the coaches’ coach.



Remember when an idea got lost in the pile of different notebooks on your desk? Was that sketch in the black book with normal pages, or the yellow one with watercolor? This problem is solved in the KLINE One, the first sketchbook to feature three (3) paper types in the same hard-cover. You can collect your ideas, drawings, scrapbooking, and phone numbers all in the same place.



The KLINE core has helped me rediscover my inner creative. I’ve always doodled in my notebooks, but now that I’ve got dedicated space to write within lines and have blank pages, a whole new world of visualizing my relationships, ideas, and projects has started to develop.



I cannot only write down amazing recipes, but I can also draw and make more annotations, all in one place! I feel like I’ve created my own cook book, rather than just a packet of recipe cards.



KLINE slice is a sketchbook that I didn’t know I needed. The layering of trace paper provides great ease in design development and having it all in a sketchbook is great to keep track of different ideas I’m exploring.



As a web developer I will often have ideas I like in the background as I work through a project. KLINE slice allows me to keep those ideas physically present while I sketch and arrange code on a layer above.



The KLINE slice provides another level of support in the process of accurately figuring out dimensions of objects and spaces. I use the transparencies to overlay different scales of dimensions on top of one another.



Painters always get the short on the sketchbook market. Forced to choose between an expensive watercolor tablet, or a less useful sketchbook, there is never a good option. KLINE One is the first sketchbook to let you draw and paint in the same place. Its 120gsm watercolor pages will hold up against wet mediums and still fits in your tote bag. Never be without a chance to illustrate the world that you see.

KLINE ONE: blank


Using the micro-perforated pages in KLINE One, you never have to worry about sharing a great idea with friends. Tear out a page and pass it around or hang it on your wall. Sharing ideas from a sketchbook has never been simpler.

KLINE ONE: blank


I’ve always written poetry and lyrics on a plane. And now with KLINE core, I’ve always got my lyrics book–filled with sketches, words, and ideas, at my side and ready to pen that song.



The KLINE core has helped me to write more. Having a soft canvas cover and smooth paper that feels like silk under my pen makes a huge difference. And the blue color is electric–and it inspires me to use it way more than my previous journals. And I love that I can have lined pages and blank pages if I choose.




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Media Markers and felt pens

KLINE is designed to support all types of heavy media with varying paper weight.

Ink and Gel Pens

Use your .005mm or fountain pen on KLINE without worrying about page bleed.


Graphite of all weights works well on KLINE pages and on KLINE canvas covers.


KLINE is the only sketchbook or journal to offer watercolor pages (120gsm) for your painting needs in addition to stock for drawing.


Other heavy media such as pastels work perfectly on all papers in KLINE.

Paper Types 50gsm Vellum

This translucent paper is included in the following models: KLINE ONE, KLINE SLICE.

80gsm Plain print stock

This non-bleeding paper is available in the following models: KLINE ONE, KLINE SLICE, KLINE CORE.

80gsm Grid print stock

0.5cm grid printing is available in the following models: KLINE ONE; KLINE SLICE.

80gsm Rule print stock

A writer’s preferred paper is avail- able in the following models: KLINE ONE; KLINE SLICE; KLINE CORE.

120gsm Watercolor stock

KLINE is the only book to offer watercolor along with other page types. Watercolor paper is included in: KLINE ONE.

Construction Cotton canvas cover

All models of KLINE have a cotton canvas cover, unique in the industry. Color varies by model.

Protective hard cover

Every KLINE model contains a hard cover to protect your work.

Thread stitched pages

Every KLINE model is thread stitched to keep your pages flat and in the book.

Ribbon & glue binding

Industry unique ribbon and glue binding for the most durable book in the business. Found in all KLINE models.

Elastic Band

Seal your KLINE with an elastic enclosure band. Found in all KLINE models.

Details 25cm silk bookmark

Track your development with a silk bookmark in every KLINE model.

Vertical back pocket

Every model of KLINE contains a perfectly sized pocket to store your work.

Micro-perforated pages

Our watercolor pages in KLINE are microperforated for easy removal and storage.

200 Pages

All current models of KLINE include a 200 page count.


KLINE is an A5 bi-fold size paper. Future lines will include A6 and A4 paper size options.

Customize Screenprinted custom covers

Customize your KLINE with an organization logo or select one of our locally produced designs.